Our Training Phases

Spartan Wrestling Training Phases 

The regular and postseasons are divided into three periodization phases to provide a peak performance for our athletes during February and the State Tournament (the best possible performance in the most important competition of the year). This plan is systematic and involves the progressive cycling of various aspects of our training program during specific phases.  This is applicable to the technical, physical, and mental aspects of our sport.


Early Season Phase (Prep Phase)-This phase provides introductory conditioning, basic techniques (as much as 45 minutes of technique per practice), live wrestling (combat), situational wrestling (combat) and the first series of wrestle-offs for varsity spots.  This phase has the second highest volume workload of the season with the lowest peak performance/intensity of the year.  The Early Season Phase runs from the middle of November through the middle of December.

Middle Season Phase (Base/Build Phase)- This phase provides the stepping up of conditioning, combat and intensity, as well as the identification of team vulnerabilities.  More advanced techniques will be introduced to be used in concert with the basics learned in the early season phase.  The second set of wrestle-offs will be during this phase.  This phase has the highest volume workload of the season with second highest peak performance/intensity of the season.   Note:  we will be practicing when the rest of the school is still on break.  The Middle Season Phase runs from late December through the middle of January.  

Late Season Phase (Peak Phase) -During this phase morning conditioning practices end, and conditioning is done at the afternoon wrestling practice.  Coaches point out individual weaknesses to wrestlers, and prepare them for specific opponents.  During this phase wrestlers should stop drilling moves that have been unproductive for them during this season.  Practices will emphasize wrestlers drilling their best techniques to all quadrants from the neutral position, as well as the up and down positions.  Late season practices will have much situational combat and live combat wrestling.  Proper rest, sleep, diet, and nutrition are heavily emphasized during this phase.  This phase has the lowest volume workload of the season, and the highest peak performance/intensity of the year.  The system is designed to have our wrestlers peaking for the sectional tournament on through the state tournament.  We are going for the unification of body, mind, and spirit--- the physical, technical, & mental.  The Late Season Phase runs from the middle of January through late February.

Off-Season- (March-October) The off-season phase should be all about having fun, yet at the same time keeping the sport close.  Wrestlers are encouraged to participate in track, baseball, football or cross-country.  Participation in these sports will make you a better athlete, which will ultimately make you a better wrestler.  However, you should also make room in your spring, summer, and fall for wrestling.  To be successful in the state of Iowa in the sport of wrestling you must do some off-season work.  Nobody is asking you to work as hard as you do during the regular season, yet you still must be active.  For example, wrestle in some freestyle (Olympic style) tournaments in the spring and early summer; get on a good summer weight lifting program, and attend a summer wrestling camp or camps.  The reality is that our competition is training and attending camps in the summer, and so we must as well.  To be competitive in this sport and in this state you must be committed to excellence.  In the off-season you will polish techniques you are good at, and work to develop moves you are yet to be comfortable with. 

Early Season:  Week 1                                                                    Early Season:  Week 2

-Stance (neutral)                                                                              -Defending the stand-up (up)

-Basic neutral defense (neutral)                                                        -Basic up position & stance (up)

            -Defending singles, doubles, & high c.                                 -Breakdowns (up)

-Characteristics of scoring (neutral)                                                  -Half-nelson series (up)

-Penetration steps (neutral)                                                               -Bar-arm series (up)

-5 basic set-ups (neutral)                                                                  -Bar-arm tilt/p. handle series (up)

-Head-snap, shoulder-pop, arm-drag                                   -Drag the bar concept (down)

            arm snap-down, arm post-up.                                              -Sit-out/back series (down)

-Doubles from the 5 basic set-ups (neutral)                                      -Granby roll series (down)

-Singles from the 5 basic set-ups (neutral)                                        -Defending sit-outs (up)

-Basic down position and stance (down)                                             -Switch and roll series (down)

-Building a base (down)                                                                      -Defending switches and rolls (up)

-Stand-up series (down)                                                               


Early Season:  Week 3                                                                    Early Season:  Week 4

-Elbow-tie series part 1 (neutral)                                                     -Cross-wrist series (up)

-Elbow-tie series part 2 (neutral)                                                     -Crossface cradle series (up)

-Elbow-tie series part 3 (neutral)                                                     -Defending cradles & c.wrt (down)

-Defending the elbow tie (neutral)                                                   -Collar-tie series (neutral)

-Defending headlocks & arm throws (neutral)                                  -Defending the collar-tie (neutral)

-Nearside cradle series (up)                                                             -Inside-tie series (neutral)

-Front headlock series part 1 (neutral)                                             -Defending the inside tie (neutral)

-Front headlock series part 2 (neutral)                                             -Pinning w/the legs part 1 (up)

-Defending a front headlock (neutral)                                                            -Shallow legs & Cross-body

                                                                                                        -Defending the legs part 1 (down)


Early Season:  Week 5                                                                    Early Season:  Week 6

-Pinning with the legs part 2 (up)                                                     -Under-hook-tie part 1 (neutral)

-Defending the legs part 2 (down)                                                   -Under-hook tie part 2 (neutral)

                                                                                                        -Defending under-hooks (neutral)

                                                                                                        -Under-hook-tie part 3 (neutral)

                                                                                                        -Inside-wrist series (up)


Middle Season:  Week 7                                                                 Middle Season:  Week 8

-Front headlock series part 3 (neutral)                                            -Advanced hi/low series (neutral)

                                                                                                       -Russian-tie series part 1 (neutral)

                                                                                                       -Russian-tie series part 2 (neutral)

                                                                                                       -Defending the Russian (neutral)

                                                                                                       -Pinning w/the legs part 3 (up)

                                                                                                       -Defending the legs part 3 (down)

Middle Season:  Week 9                                                                 Middle Season:  Week 10

-Low single series part 1 (neutral)                                                   -Advanced single defense (neutral)

-Low single series part 2 (neutral)                                                   -Scrambling

-Defending low singles (neutral)                                                                 

Late Season:  Weeks 11-15                                                            Off-Season

- Techniques and strategies for specific opponents.                       -Improve on all techniques.

                                                                                                      -Learn new and advanced techniques.