Goal Setting

Do you ever feel you're adrift and floating in this big world without any control?  Sometimes we work hard, but feel we don't get anywhere important. We work hard, but feel we don't receive a benefit from our efforts.  As a result, we sometimes replace effort with apathy.  For example,  "That will never work"......"Life is not fair, so why try"........"That is stupid, and I'm not doing it"......."I don't care, because that's not my personality, so I won't try"......."I'll do all this extra stuff, but it won't help me, so I'm going to do a mediocre job."   We all have moments when we think in these terms, regardless of our age or job.  Heck sometimes principals, in moments of weakness, think in these terms.  However, I've trained myself to realize when I'm thinking negatively, and learned to turn negative emotions into positive thoughts.  Setting goals is one way I've learned to control negative thinking.

A key reason that we sometimes feel negative is that we really haven't spent enough time thinking about what we really want from life.  We may have dreams, we may have a fantasy, but rarely do we have a plan to make the dream reality.  A dream without a plan is just a wish.  So how do you develop a plan to make your dreams come true? 

Creating a Vision 
  • Build the fantasy!  Build the dream in your mind.  Visualize it, and see the picture in your mind!  Develop the theory.
  • Convert the fantasy/dream into a goal.  Before you can do that you must first ask and answer two questions about your dream:
    1. Am I able?  
    2. Am I willing to work for it?
Why Goals?

WHEN YOU ANSWER YES TO THE ABOVE QUESTIONS YOU'VE GOT A GOAL!  Goal setting helps us to think about our ideal future, and it helps us to motivate ourselves to turn our vision into reality.  When we know precisely what we want to achieve, we know where we must concentrate our efforts. This process also allows us to spot distractions that can prevent us from realizing our goals.  Our goals allow us to put blinders on, so when necessary we can narrow our focus to what is most important to us. 

If you answered "no" to one or both of the questions there is no reason to panic or lose hope!  

If you answered no to #1 you probably don't really believe you can realize the dream.  Believe in yourself.  Nobody else will start believing in you, until you start believing in you.  We have so many opportunities available to us for success in this country!  If you don't feel you are able ask yourself----What do I need to do to make myself able?  

If you answered no to #2 you don't really belief in the dream.  You need to start the process over, and build a different fantasy/dream that you can believe in.  While contemplating this please remember that people won't give you your dream--you have to earn it.  You only deserve what you earn through your effort.

Writing Goals
  • Set realistic goals:  Am I currently able?
  • Write goals down on paper/computer:  A dream without a plan is just a wish.
  • Goals should be positive statements 
  • Goals should be precise/detailed: Dates, times, etc.
  • Prioritize Goals if you have more than 1. 
  • Set performance goals you are in control of.

Remember that you are not a failure if you miss reaching your goal, but you are if you don't try to achieve it.  Also remember that goals change.  When you achieve one goal, you replace it with a new one.  As you develop new dreams news goals must be developed for them.  

Tim Chesnut,
Nov 19, 2015, 4:27 AM