Our Philosophy: We Build Winners - On and Off the Mat

A. Build Wrestlers
B. Win Matches

What sets a West Monona Wrestling team apart from other teams is not just how we train, or the techniques we use, nor the tactics we employ.  It's something more primal - it's a fighting spirit.  It's our determination to win, our eagerness to fight, and our high standard of excellence.

We will direct our wrestlers toward self-actualization (reaching their full potential).  This type of student-athlete will find success on the mat and in life.  The Spartan Wrestling program will enable our wrestlers to become the best wrestlers they can possibly be at the high school level.  We will direct our wrestlers to become good citizens within their community, country, and world; effective within their future workplace; and competitive in global/real world situations.  We believe great wrestlers are self-made with the help of encouragement from family and coaches (nurture), and not simply born with the genetics (nature) to be successful. However, genetics do play a role, and we will direct our wrestlers to maximize their physical abilities.  

We know the sport of wrestling is the perfect vehicle for delivery of life’s lessons to the 21st century learner.  Wrestling is as relevant today at developing leaders, problem solvers, and communicators, as it was 4000 years ago.  Wrestling is important academically, because it promotes the following life skills:  1. Goal setting, with a positive attitude & desire to excel.  2. Work ethic and the value of working hard.  3. Healthy lifestyle, (nutrition & exercise).  4.  Socialization, collaboration, & leadership. 5.  Motor skills, both gross and fine.  6. Stress, anger & emotion management7.  Cognitive, improved grades.  8.  Risk taking within a safe environment.  9. Self-defense/self-protection principles.  

We believe success in athletics, academics and life is based on effort, so developing a strong work ethic is paramount.  Once a wrestler believes success is attainable he will then put forth the necessary effort required for him to achieve his full potential in this very challenging sport.

We will root our program’s foundation in effective educational strategies and psychologies.  We understand people are initially motivated by basic human physical, safety, social, and emotional needs.  Basic human needs must first be met (in that order) before we can successfully engage wrestlers in the higher levels of instruction listed below.   Success in wrestling is dependent upon a wrestler’s continued growth within the below listed components.

  • Cognitive: Mental skills -knowledge, higher order thinking, academics, social skills/real world skills, work ethic, mental toughness, mat savvy/experience, wrestling technique,
  • Affective: Growth in feelings or emotional areas -Attitude, confidence, self-image, motivation level.
  • Psychomotor: manual or physical skills -Wrestling technique, aerobic exercise (endurance, flexibility, balance, coordination) and anaerobic exercise (weightlifting for power, strength, speed/quickness, & agility).
  • Peaking: We will bring the above components together for a peak performance during the post-season in February using periodization training.   All our practice plans and training phases are based on the peaking philosophy.

We will train our wrestlers to reach their full potential by developing winning personality traits such as: bearing, courage, decisiveness, dependability, enthusiasm, initiative, integrity, judgment, justice, knowledge, loyalty, tact, usefulness, & confidenceA wrestler becomes self-transcendent when he develops the ability to focus attention on doing something for the sake of others--A self-transcendent wrestler is a leader who can achieve his own goals, but is also capable of helping his teammates attain their goals.  Our wrestling coaching foundation is illustrated in the table below.