Advisor/Advisee Central

Middle and High School students at West Monona 
are assigned an advisor to guide them in their academic affairs.  Every effort is made to pair a student with an advisor who shares a similar personality, or similar learning style.  All advisors know how to communicate with the personality type of their advisees.  

Our advisor/advisee groups will meet once a month to discuss current issues, so students have a voice in the system.  Student opinion is valued.

Advisors provide the following services to students.
  1. Help students set goals.
  2. Provide students with life skills education to assist them in working toward their goals. Student participation in the advisor/advisee program will prepare seniors for their capstone class in 12th grade-Character and Leadership: Senior Capstone Course (21st Century Skills), and also serve as our Positive Behavior Instructional Supports (PBIS) Tier 1 social/emotional learning.
  3. Act as a liaison between students and the guidance counselor for the purpose of helping students decide what classes to take.  See the High School Curriculum Guide:
  4. Advisors act as a liaison between students and the principal for the purpose of promoting a positive learning environment.
      • Administer student surveys.
      • Talk to students about contemporary issues impacting the school.
  5. Facilitate individualized instruction in our school by providing teachers with the dominant personality and learning style of their advisees.
  6. Act as a mentor for their advisees (
  7. Promote student participation in extracurricular athletics and activities.
  8. Keep track of their students' board required Spartan Service Hours

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